Bike Around the Bay 2018

Bayou City Cycle Club

Bayou City Cycle Club is a community organization with a focus on promoting cycling, safety, education, and maintaining a culture of fitness and wellness.

Only a month and a half into our existence, the creation of the Bike Around the Bay team will be our very first, and we're proud to be a part of an event that serves our community. 

Please consider joining us on our journey, or consider helping us to reach our donation goals!

You can also read a bit more about us here on our website:

Check us out on meetup if you are in the Heights area and would like to join a ride:

On October 20-21, 2018, our team will be riding around Galveston Bay in the 12th annual Bike Around the Bay cycling event. We are riding to support the most productive bay in Texas that provides habitat for more than one-third of all threatened and endangered species, produces more oysters than any other body of water in the United States, and supports vital industries like agriculture, tourism, and more.

Did you know that half the population of Texas lives within the Galveston Bay watershed? You can help make a difference in preserving and protecting the Bay right in our own backyards by making a tax-deductible donation to our team's ride. Your contribution will support the Galveston Bay Foundation which works with all Bay users to preserve the beauty, tranquility, and health of Galveston Bay. Every donation, no matter the amount, helps create a better bay!


About Bike Around the Bay and the Galveston Bay Foundation

Bike Around the Bay is a fully supported two-day, 170-mile cycling event sponsored by Shell and benefits the Galveston Bay Foundation. Started in 2007, Bike Around the Bay showcases the natural beauty of Galveston Bay and raises awareness of the need the protect it.

Galveston Bay Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 to preserve, protect, and enhance Galveston Bay. The organization's program areas include advocacy, conservation, education, and research.

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