Bike Around the Bay Fundraising and Harvey Flood Recovery Update

Bike Around the Bay is still scheduled for October 21-22, 2017, but we realize this is no ordinary year. We recognize that many of you and your families, friends and neighbors have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. While the success of the ride is very important to our continued efforts to advocate for Galveston Bay, we also know that flood recovery is very important to our community. For this reason, for all funds raised September 14, 2017 through the end of our fundraising period, we will dedicate 50% of the money raised above your fundraising minimum to local flood recovery efforts.* We plan to split these funds between the Greater Houston Community Foundation flood recovery fund ( created by Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett and the Clear Creek Community Church flood relief fund ( The Greater Houston Community Foundation will provide funding in Harris, Montgomery, and Fort Bend counties. Clear Creek Community Church is providing support in the Bay area where we are based, including southeast Harris County and northern Galveston County.

If you are a two-day rider, that means 50% of the funds you raise above $250 will be donated, and for one-day riders, we will donate half of the funds you raise above $175. Last year, riders raised over $100,000 above the fundraising minimum. If we can reach that level again this year, Bike Around the Bay will be able to invest $50,000 in flood recovery for our community. We hope to do even more this year.

Not everyone will be able to raise funds above our minimum, but for those who can, we hope the opportunity to raise funds for both Galveston Bay and flood recovery will inspire your fundraising efforts. We have also created a new template in your participant center that can be used to tell your friends and family about our new plan. Our post-storm work includes sampling water on the Galveston Bay coastline to monitor bacteria levels, organizing volunteers and engaging community members to conduct debris cleanup events at affected sites, continuing to advocate for the removal of the waste from San Jacinto Waste Pits Superfund site, and creating awareness of the impacts of Hurricane Harvey on Galveston Bay. We know that you and our neighbors and friends also have great need, and we are honored to support local flood recovery efforts through Bike Around the Bay while continuing our post-storm work for Galveston Bay.

If you have any questions or concerns about our fundraising plan, please feel free to contact me directly at or (281) 332-3381. Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of the Galveston Bay Foundation, Bike Around the Bay and flood recovery.

Bob Stokes
President, Galveston Bay Foundation

*We will honor requests from riders who prefer that all funds they raise for Bike Around the Bay stay within the Galveston Bay Foundation. Please email


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